Smarter, Safer Roads.

Blue Dome’s machine learning and image processing platform
allows users to rapidly inspect and track road assets, efficiently
monitor safety plans, reduce costs, and save lives.

The Solution.

Blue Dome enables the real-time optical inspection, tracking, and assessment of roadway assets; the evaluation of pavement conditions; and the monitoring of site safety and construction plans. Blue Dome works with off-the-shelf cameras, making integration into existing workflows simple.

Blue Dome creates a visual dashboard to inspect and monitor your assets, track changes over time, and create an audit trail for supervisory review.

Blue Dome can also validate site safety plans to ensure compliance with specifications and location drawings.

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The Advantage.

Artboard 1  Proprietary AI/ML Technology

Artboard 1 copy  Fully Automated Inspections

Artboard 1 copy 2  Support For Phones, Ipads, And Other Mobile Devices

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The blue dome

Inspection Process

icon1-the process

Upload Video/Image to Blue Dome Platform

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Detect and Locate Assets

icon3-the process

Prepare Report

icon4-the process

Identify Items for Repairs


Our Customer Success Validates Our Vision

The Town of Woodside retained Blue Dome Technologies to provide a digital inventory of the Town’s roadway signs in electronic format. They delivered a thorough and highly useful and fully searchable database of a wide variety of sign information, including location, size, orientation, visibility, etc. I would highly recommend them for this type of work……


Sean Rose,

Public Works Director/Town Engineer,
Town of Woodside


10 CL Miles Roadway Assets + Pavement Condition

In Process


5yr - 85 CL Miles Retro-reflectivity



2 CL Miles Road Sign Assessment

Completed + New Engagement


100 CL Miles Pavement Conditions



10 CL Miles Retro-reflectivity



25 CL Miles Signs, Road Assets & Pavement Conditions



Find out more about us.

Smarter, Safer Roads with AI/ML – Introduction

Swaroop Patnaik, CEO of Blue Dome, gives an overview of Blue Dome’s structured, cost-effective and efficient road and pavement assessment approach. Global infrastructure in need of repair/replacement is estimated to be worth over $100 B – a great opportunity for Blue Dome’s revolutionary technology.

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Asset Coverage


Accuracy and Reliability


Risk Mitigation


Review Time

How we can help you

The Blue Dome solution improves safety for workers and the public, reduces costs, and improves productivity