AI SaaS platform that enables anytime, anywhere, ontime visual field measurement, inspection and assessment.

Blue Dome Solution.


Blue Dome Asset Management System

Processes roadway and highway video to identify, locate, and map road signs, lightposts, and other highway assets. Blue Dome also enables customers to monitor and evaluate pavement conditions. Using the Blue Dome platform makes it easy to geolocate and track assets while monitoring the conditions of roadways.


Blue Dome Safety Check

Processes video taken from a Work Zone Area, compares that video input with safety plans and automatically identifies and notes deviations from plan.

Solution to your problems

Broken Highways, Roadways and
Transportation Infrastructure –
A $100B Global Problem

Cities, States, Municipalities, Engineering Services, and Infrastructure Companies use manual,
costly, inefficient, and unreliable Labor Processes to:
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Significant risk of workforce and bystander injuries during manual reviews (>10% employee injury rate, increasing insurance costs and litigation risk)

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Skilled labor shortages unable to conduct reviews in timely and consistent manner

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Manual processes result in excessive costs, infrequent evaluations, unreliable information and variability in assessments

Inspection Process

Complete Your Asset Tracking, Logging, Inspection, Measurement, and Assessment in Days not Weeks

Blue Dome customers acquire video using off-the shelf commercial cameras, including GoPros, iPads and all smartphones and upload that video to the Blue Dome platform.

  • 1. Upload Guidelines
    Upload Inspection Guidelines and Requirements.
  • 2. Capture Video/Image
    Capture Video/Image from Dashcam/Mobile device and upload to Blue Dome Platform.
  • 3. Detect Assets from Uploaded Video/Image
    Detect Road and Highway Assets using Blue Dome Platform and provide type of Assets and Location on Report.
  • 4. Store Assets
    Store Identified Assets for future reference.
  • 5. Final Capture
    Capture Video/Image from Dashcam/Mobile device and upload to Blue Dome for final inspection.
  • 6. Capability Work-flow app
    Work-flow app guides picture/image taken in sections.
  • 7. Visual Inspection
    Video/Image mapped to drawing.
    Blue Dome identifies potential areas of variance from the inspection guidelines.
  • 8. Dimensional Inspection
    Dimensional measurement provided by a measurement tool.
    Report generated showing measured location and stored for audit.
    Report accessible/presented on the mobile device.
    With enough data, Blue Dome will automatically suggest locations that do not meet the inspection standards.
  • 9. Capability Measurements using AI
    Image elements matched and measured with drawing or inspection guidelines.
    Features extracted and discrepancies highlighted.

How we can help you

The Blue Dome solution improves safety for workers and the public, reduces costs, and improves productivity