Watch excerpts from our latest interactive roundtable on July 15, 2021. We introduce the Blue Bome methodology and discuss our solution portfolio.

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Smarter, Safer Roads with AI/ML


Swaroop Patnaik, CEO of Blue Dome, gives an overview of Blue Dome’s structured, cost-effective and efficient road and pavement assessment approach. Global infrastructure in need of repair/replacement is estimated to be worth over $100 B – a great opportunity for Blue Dome’s revolutionary technology.

Remain in Control

Using Google Maps, Blue Dome simply extracts and outlines the positions the GoPro camera was driven between a start- and an endpoint. Swaroop Patnaik, CEO of Blue Dome, remarks that there is not a predefined journey that needs to be followed.

Ready in 13 Seconds

This clip shows how easy and quick the GoPro camera is mounted on any car available. Swaroop Patnaik, CEO of Blue Dome: “13 seconds later, the city or county employee is ready to drive. The video footage will be automatically uploaded to the Blue Dome cloud service.”

Flexible, customizable Reports

After the video footage has been processed, Blue Dome creates a highly flexible and
customizable report that can be imported into the existing road assessment workflow. Swaroop Patnaik, CEO of Blue Dome, states, that Blue Dome’s SaaS subscription model puts their clients firmly in the driver seat.

A proven Concept

Swaroop Patnaik, CEO of Blue Dome, lists their clients and contracts. The company is on an expansion course and was able to secure multiple long-term collaborations with cities and counties in California.

The Roadmap Ahead

Showcasing their ambitious portfolio roadmap, Swaroop Patnaik, CEO of Blue Dome, explains how the video footage tracks road signs and gets translated into a KMZ file. Longitude/latitude position, visual of the road asset, and description are accessible.

All in One Report

Blue Dome’s reports can separate assets by categories: pavement, signs, trees, and lamps, plus the position and a picture. Swaroop Patnaik, CEO of Blue Dome, states: “Our clients receive a CSV file, customized to their specific needs and uploadable into their asset management”.

Cracks in the Pavement

Swaroop Patnaik, CEO of Blue Dome, demonstrates in a video feed how their AI/ML algorithm automatically tracks and records the position and the type of pavement cracks. All relevant information can be viewed and extracted via OCI-PCI file in Google Maps.

Retroreflective Value

Patnaik, CEO of Blue Dome explains: “ We compare of one video feed taken during night hours with the one taken in the daytime to extract a precise evaluation of the retroreflective condition of street signs; our “Level” grading system provides guidance on what assets require replacement.”

The Blue Dome Advantage

Blue Dome is the only real-time optical inspection, tracking, and assessment of roadway assets with no specialized hardware necessary. Swaroop Patnaik, CEO of Blue Dome, lists all their competitive advantages

City of Burlington, CA

Swaroop Patnaik, CEO of Blue Dome, comments on the day- and the nighttime video feed that was taken from the same street section in the City of Burlington, CA; the comparative retroreflective value of street signs are worked into an auditable and searchable report.

Blue Dome vs. Competition

Swaroop Patnaik, CEO of Blue Dome, shows that their technology and service are fully automated and cost-effective. Setup and execution: safe, affordable, and advanced. Blue Dome has the competitive edge.

Pixel Precise

Looking at a KMZ report, Swaroop Patnaik, CEO of Blue Dome, explains the retroreflective meter, the grading system, and the visual precision – down to a single pixel. Learn how does the algorithm evaluates the retroreflective and optical quality of street signs and assigns them to a grading system.

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The Blue Dome solution improves safety for workers and the public, reduces costs, and improves productivity